Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Budget Travel to Charleston, South Carolina

If you are thinking of traveling to Charleston, South Carolina but not quite sure if you can afford it. Consider some of the fun things to do for free. My theory is that you can travel to any city on any budget, if you just set your mind to it.

Check out Budget Travel - Charleston, SC.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Travel to the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area on a Budget

Santa Fe is the oldest continually capital city in the United States, while Albuquerque is New Mexico's oldest city.

Planning a trip to Albuquerque? Make sure you stop and see Albuquerque's Old Town, which is the town's oldest neighborhood.

While you are traveling to the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area, you won't want to miss the art shows of Taos Pueblo and some of the other pueblos in the vicinity. The art shows continue year round.

You'll also want to read How to Travel to the Albuquerque and Santa Fe Area on a Budget, for more tips on things that are free to see and do.

May all your travels be, lots of fun and mostly free!