Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Travel to Indianapolis

Some people may be traveling to Indianapolis, Indiana to see the Colts play football. Others maybe traveling there to see the Pacers play basketball. Then again, it may be a business trip or just an appointment. Either way, if you are traveling to Indianapolis, and would like to extend your trip to a long weekend, here is an article which discusses How to Travel to Indianapolis on a Budget.

Extend that business trip, and treat the family to a few days out of town. It's worth it to spend the time together!

Memory of the Stockyards

I was just remembering the first time I went to the Fort Worth Stock Yards. It was a warm day in November. That's right. That's how nice the weather is in the southwest. It was in the mid 70's and I got to take my first ride on a bull.

Now, you must be wondering how I got up the nerve to ride a bull. Well, it wasn't hard, considering it was a 'Grandpa' bull with a Santa Claus hat. LOL It was a great experience and the bull barely moved the whole time.

I also remember that was the first time that I ever seen a stampede. Similarly, it was very mellow. You could stand on the sidewalk and watch the bulls being rustled through the Stockyards of Fort Worth.

For anyone who likes to see something unique but also likes to travel on a budget, I would definitely suggest Fort Worth, Texas.

"May all of your travels be....Lots of fun, and mostly free!" - Michelle Moore

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to Travel to Fort Worth on a Budget

The Fort Worth and Dallas area of Texas have a number of things to see and do. Several of them offer very low admission or free admission. Check out The Fort Worth Stock Yards and a number of other great attractions at How to Visit Fort Worth on a Budget!