Friday, December 30, 2011

Chicago Quick Travel Tip

Just wanted to shoot you a couple of quick travel tips that I have found on this trip to Chicago......

This one is for those of you who are shopping on Michigan Avenue.  If you are planning to shop in one of the stores on the north end of Michigan Avenue, and coming from one of the many hotels west of the Magnificient Mile, consider walking down Rush Street to get to your destination.

With the wind in Chicago, waiting on all of the traffic signals down Michigan Avenue can cause quite a chill.  Consider this, Rush Street has mostly 4 way stop signs and is one way.  This means, if you are walking or in a car, you only need wait on 1 or 2 vehicles, before you get to move about your way.  Much quicker than waiting four or five minutes for the signals to change!

While you are on Michigan Avenue, don't forget to stop by the Historic Water Tower.  This is one of the few buildings that withstood the Great Fire of 1871. Inside there are free art displays which change from time to time.  This trip, I saw pictures of current buildings and sites, on old postcards dating early back to the 1900's with a current picture of the historic site or building right next to it.  What a unique art display, which I was very happy to be able to enjoy!  Let alone, for free!

Additionally, unknown, to most folks from out of town, the original pumping station for the Water Tower is just across the street.  Step inside the doors to Looking Glass Theatre, and the first thing you will see, 2 stories down and behind glass walls, is the actual pumping station which is still active today.  Step back a block or so, and look at the two buildings.  You can easily see how the street was added later, and how these two buildings at one time were are on the same lot.

Finally, just one block down, you will see the Historic Fourth Presbyterian Church.  This church was originally established in 1871, the same year as the Great Fire.  Later, in 1912, construction commenced to begin rebuilding the church at the same location.  This is not a glance and move on church.  There is a nice courtyard with beautiful gardens open for anyone to enjoy.  There are also free concerts on Fridays.  Also, step inside if the doors are open when you are passing thru, and take a look at the original architecture of this great building!